Mandatory Information

Bam’s latest auto acquisition is a custom purple Lamborghini. So are Ferraris officially played out for pro skaters? Guess he bought it to reward himself for conquering the loop-only the thirteenth skater to successfully ride away from it. Look for the footage at Bam and his crew have also been given the thumbs up to start filming the fifth season of Viva La Bam. Adrian Lopez has never tried the loop, but that didn’t stop him from buying a custom low-rider Harley. Brandon Biebel has been spotted rolling around Sacramento and certain secret fishing spots in his new black Mercedes E500.

Element and à‡S rider Nyjah Huston won Tampa Am this year at ten years of age-he’s the youngest winner of Tampa Am ever. His flawless finals run and tons of other footage and photos are posted at Be sure to check for more contest coverage.

James Brockman has been upping the ante at several So Cal skate spots and was thus added to the Mada team. Ragdoll quit the aforementioned clothier and has since hooked up with Ambiguous threads. The rumors are true-Lee Smith is on Santa Cruz. Maybe Lee will be throwing down some footage with the rest of Santa Cruz’s lineup, including its veterans Tom Knox and Eric Dressen, for its upcoming video project Guarte.

Jamie Thomas is now on Thunder trucks, with his signature truck on the way. No word on the fate of Monster trucks. New pro Jackson Curtin followed in the steps of his mentor Stevie Williams and up and quit DC for a spot on the RBK unit. Now he can tell security guards that his teammates are 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and Allen Iverson and they better chill on kicking him out of spots. In other DGK news, the DGK mixtape featuring Green Lantern (of Eminem/G-Unit fame) is now complete. Kris Markovich is now telling time with Vestal Watches, and up in the valley, Chris Roberts is the newest addition to the Val Surf team. Ernie Torres and Jon Goemann have been officially added to the Analog team. Willy Akers joins 5boro as an official am on the roster including pros Dan Pensyl and Charlie Wilkins and ams Pat Smith, Brandon Westgate, Joe Tookmanian, Danny Falla, and Andy Pitts.

In a surprising move, Trainwreck quit Young Guns Skateboards, the brand where he was the only pro. No word yet on the fate of the company and the ams left to fend for themselves. Wreck is also scheduled for a full knee reconstruction surgery. Anthony Mosely and KR3W have parted. Mike V. and etnies have ended their longtime partnership.

Making his first trade-show appearance in maybe, um, ever, was D.C.’s (the East Coast, not the shoe company) Chris Hall who was on the stroll distributing what was quite obviously the hottest and most anticipated free anything given out all weekend-the Darren Harper promotional DVD. Prices of the few that were thrown on eBay either equaled or surpassed the prices of Nike’s On Tap promotional DVD from last ASR. But Chris didn’t really give two shits about that-he was way more excited to reunite with old DC homey Sean Sheffey and to be in California on a serious filming mission for his video, Get Familiar. While a Sheffey part is a bit far-fetched at this point, a certain big name may be coming out of the woodwork for at least a few tricks.

Drago Arts and Communication, a photography-book publisher that did Ed Templeton’s Golden Age Of Neglect a few years back, will be releasing Young Sleek And Full Of Hell, a book that chronicles the visual and oral history of the Alleged Gallery in NYC’s Lower East Side, in April. The gallery, founded by Aaron Rose, fostered over 100 skate- and streetstyle artists including Mark Gonzales, Ed Templeton, Thomas Campbell, Jeremy Henderson, Glen E. Friedman, Spike Jonze, Andy Jenkins, Tobin Yelland, Ari Marcopolis, Margaret Kilgallen, Courtney Love, Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Harmony Korine, Terry Richardson, and many more artists.

The new TransWorld video, First Love, will be out in June. You’ll be abble to feast on full parts from Leo Romero, Shiloh Greathouse, Richard Angelides, Omar Salazar, and Ryan Gallant, plus tons of cameos from their friends. The footage is piling up, and it’s all amazing. The next living legend to get his own documentary is Jason Jessee with the film Pray For Me. One of the most eclectic and outspoken characters in the history of skateboarding, Jessee’s film should be entertaining to say the least. You can check the trailer at and see the craziness for yourself.

Gershon Mosley has relocated to the Seattle, Washington area where he has been busy skateboarding and making art. Hellrose pro D.J. Chavez has also made Seattle his new home away from home, although he will still be spending a lot of time at the Hellrose house in Hollywood. D.J. and fellow hellion Paul Otvos will be heading to Barcelona, Spain for the better part of February and March. Has anyone taken the trash out at Hellrose, yet? Look for a Hellrose segment on Fuel TV’s Captain And Casey show sometime in April.

Chris Lambert is the proud father of a new baby boy. Congrats, Chris!

The etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest will remain a free place to skate in 2005. Pierre Andre Senizergues, owner and CEO of etnies, presented the Lake Forest City Council with 30,000 dollars to keep the etnies Skatepark free of charge for another year. Senizergues did the same thing back in 2003 when the park opened, so it would be free during its first year of operation. Nice re-up.

Mà®tley Crà…e bassist Nikki Sixx apparently won a lawsuit where he alleged that Vans used his likeness in a Vans ad. It appears that the jury agreed and ruled that Vans should pay 600,000 dollars plus interest for using Nikki’s image. Way to be, Nikki with two k’s-the Crà…e sucks anyway. If you want a lesson on how to be more metal, listen to High On Fire, you kook.

For all the Minutemen fans seeking anything new, We Jam Econo-The Story Of The Minutemen is a feature-length documentary chronicling the groundbreaking early-80s punk-rock band from San Pedro, California. It’s a full history from the band’s beginning to their untimely demise when lead singer and guitarist D. Boon was killed in a car accident in December of 1985. The documentary premiered in February and should be available by the time you read this. For additional information, visit Mike Watt’s Web site,

In the travel department, a vast majority of skateboard teams ventured off to lovely, skate-friendly Melbourne, Australia for the second Globe World Cup contest. Nobody could shake a stick at Bastien Salabanzi, who took home the 30,000-dollar first prize. Fellow Flip mates Geoff Rowley, Rune Glifberg, and Mark Appleyard met up with Dustin Dollin to witness the annihilation and to continue filming. Volcom and Consolidated rider, Alan Petersen was asked to leave the land of Oz for overstaying his visa, but all is good. He’s nursing a wounded foot and should be shredding soon.

It’s that time again-go outside and learn something new. Otherwise, stop the cycle and relearn a trick you already lost.