All Girl Skate Jam

The second-annual All Girl Skate Jam proved more successful than the first; while many of the competitors were intimidated by the level of competition and decided not to compete, over 100 women signed up for this year’s contest. They showed up from all over-Canada, Oregon, Washington, East Coast, Hawaii-and they all skated hard, with raw energy and a deep love for skateboarding.

These young females, ranging from six to 48 years, set the Escondido Sports Center ablaze. The contest included street, mini ramp, and vert events with beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels instead of the customary pro/am format. Dave Duncan emceed the contest, and the entire event was organized by Patty Segovia.

The All Girl Skate Jam began as an idea, says Segovia, to get some friends together during the ASR Trade Expo last year: “I thought it would be great if we all met up for a skate session at the YMCA. Everyone said we should make it an event, and next thing I know I’m getting interest from sponsors!”

The 1998 All Girl Skate Jam was made possible through a lot of hard work, and thanks to the following companies: Vans, Unionbay, Rookie, Angel Eyewear, Pro-Tec Helmets, Hang Ten,

Harbinger, On Edge Board Shop, Snow Valley, Villa Villa Cola, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, Burton, G-Shock, Avalanche, Flexdex, Alloy, TRAD Technologies, Heckler, and Punk Planet.

Segovia hopes to continue to develop the All Girl Skate Jam and showcase female skateboarding talent. She currently has plans to expand this event to three times a year, next year’s schedule including stops in New York City in May, San Diego in September, and finishing in Haleiwa, Hawaii at the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing event in November. The different locations and linked events will help promote and develop female skateboarding across the country.

Videos of these events will be produced as well. A video for the 1997 and ’98 All Girl Skate Jam contests will be available December 1, and will include a free CD. Hopefully, these events and videos will demonstrate that women do have a place in competitive skateboarding and will inspire more to come out and participate in this communal shred-a-thon. For more information, contact Patty Segovia at: (714) 525-0925. Or check out the Web site at:

-Michele Lockwood

Advanced Street

1. Elissa Steamer

2. Jamie Reyes

3. Cindy Gorset

4. Jessie Van Roechoudt

5. Lisa Whitaker

Advanced Mini-Ramp

1. Cara-Beth Burnside

2. Lindsi Thompson

3. Heidi Fitzgerald

4. Hudson

5. Fay Jaime

Advanced Vert

1. Cara-Beth Burnside

2. Jen O’Brien

3. Jody MacDonald

4. Candy Kramer

5. Wendy Willhoite