Mandatory Info

The latest news from Chocolate and Four Star is that Stevie Williams is now on the Chocolate team . New additions to the Four Star lineup are Colin McKay and Andrew Reynolds . It looks certain that Plan B skateboards is no more. What caused it’s demise isn’t exactly known, but after trying to shop the company around to potential buyers, it was finally laid to rest.

Danny Way is now riding for Platinum , it also looks like Rick McCrank may be on the team, but this is just a rumor. As for the rest of the team, rumors of Jeremy Wray riding for Shorty’s or doing something with World Industries have been flying around, Caine Gayle has also been linked with some sort of move to World Industries, but this again is just a rumor. No news yet of what’s going with rest of the team which includes Colin McKay , Matt Hensley , Pat Duffy , Brian Emmers , and Pat Channita . XYZ clothing is still being run by Tommy Caudill , who is also running Platinum. The giant Armageddon ramp has been torn down, as yet no new home has been found for the beast.

Going the way of Plan B is East Coast Urethane (Capitol , Nicotine , Silverstar , and A.D.U. ), all those companies are no longer is business. Transit skateboards also went out of business. Nixon watches has added two more skaters to its team, Colin McKay and Brazilian Bob Burnquist . Israel Forbes is no longer riding for Santa Cruz skateboards, ex-teammate Richard Kirby just had six nails placed in his knee to hold down his cartilage. Chad Muska has been added to the CCS Mailorder team. Off Stereo and now on Foundation is Ethan Fowler .

“The Hills Have Eyes” Contest Results

Thanks for everyone who entered “The Hills Have Eyes” Comp. As usual, we got a huge response, but alas, most of you were way off the mark. No, it wasn’t Shorty Gonzales, Ed Templeton, Shawn Mandoli, Andy Roy, Eric Dressen, John Lucero, or even Brian Patch. Those nasty teeth fooled the lot of you, except one. I lost the dude’s name, he was from Los Angeles (like that helps), but we did send him a bunch of stuff that was lying around the office. Anyway, the correct answer was Rob Dyrdek , and in case you were wondering, those pearly whites he was sporting were not his real teeth.-Skin

Shorty’s Skateboards

Fulfill The Dream

Recently, I attended an A-Team demo at a local skate shop. They were showing the new Shorty’s video Fulfill The Dream repeatedly throughout the day. At one point, I passed by the TV and noticed Rodney Mullen and Dave Mayhew watching. Neither of them could stop smiling or rooting. Later, I asked them what they thought. Dave said “Sick,” and Rodney said “Awesome.” That should be more than enough incentive for you to pick up a copy of Fulfill The Dream.

But for the cynics, let me break it down further. The Shorty’s team consists of pros Chad Muska, Steve Olson, and Peter Smolik. Sammy Baptista, Toan Nguyen, Jessey Silvey, Aaron Snyder, and Brandon Turner make up the amateur faction, and all of the above are incredible skateboarders.

Steve Olson goes big with sloppy (in a good way!) style that leaves your chin on your lap. Aaron Snyder appears super-comfortable on his skateboard. Toan Nguyen kickflip backside tailslides a handrail. What?! If seeing kids half your age rip harder than you ever will upsets you, I suggest you fastforward Brandon, Jesse, and Sammy’s parts. Skating with Chad, Peter, and Steve must have had a huge influence on Shorty’s ams, because the three are at the forefront of skateboarding’s future.

Before Peter Smolik became Shorty’s third professional, I had never heard of him (maybe because I’m from New York), but after watching his part, I can understand what all thee hubbub was about. Smolik has so much board control it almost made me want to quit skating.

Which brings us to the part you’ve all been waiting for-skateboarding’s rock star, Chad “The Muska” Muska. I hadn’t seen much video footage of Chad, so I was interested to see if he was worthy of such an egomaniacal nickname-Chad didn’t disappoint me. He really lands all those tricks you see pictures of! Huge lipslides and tailslides down unthinkable ledges, and an indestructible style that allows him to get up smiling after falls that would leave most men crying. His part deserves a spot in the exalted Video Part Hall Of Fame. I especially liked the nod of respect to Mark Gonzales in the form of a quote from Willy Wonka, while Chad grinds a familiar banister.-Andy Seifert