Year Of The Shoe?
88 Footwear set to launch brand.

You might’ve heard the rumors of a new shoe brand being launched by Kris Markovich and Senior TWS Photographer Ed Dominick, and then again-maybe you haven’t. After a few phone calls and some teeth-pulling, 88 Footwear finally called us back to tell us little about their brand.

After Ed explained his ideal shoe brand to the head honchos at Alias Distribution, the honchos liked what they heard. “I told them that there’s a whole market out there for a tougher style of skate shoe,” said Dominick. “So my first thought was to get a heavy hitter to back the brand.” The first person who came into Ed’s mind was Kris Markovich, and a partnership was quickly formed between the two. The next line of business: come up with a name.

“We’re calling it 88 for short,” explained Dominick. “For us, 1988 was the best time in skateboarding: the style, the pros, the ads, the innovation, and the memories. Plus, it was the year Markovich got his first sponsor to get his career going.”

Currently, the team’s comprised of Kris Markovich, Justin Strubing, Kristian Svitak, and J.T. Aultz, with a special teamrider to be named at a later date. Look for the line to hit skate shops in late 2002 or early 2003.-E.S.

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