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V19N9, Pat Rakestraw

Arto Saari made the switch from Es to Etnies. It turns out Etnies was his very first shoe sponsor.

Pat Rakestraw is going pro for Six Gun this fall.

Chris Senn is riding for Bones Wheels.

ED SELEGO is now an official member of the Habitat Skateboards team. He was immediately whisked up to Ohio to work on board graphics, ads, etc. Ed will join the rest of the Workshop/Habitat crew in the upcoming video “Mosaic” due out this August.

Gideon Choi and Gershon Moseley have been released from Blind and it looks like Aaron Artis is new to the Blind team.

Dogtown and Artafact at the Dwindle camp and Vallely Skateboards at the Giant camp have both been eliminated from existence.

Toan Nguyen, Peter Smolik, and Jesse Silvey no longer ride for Shorty’s.

Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, and youngster Ryan Schekler are doing a new company at Dwindle rumored to be called “Almost a Skateboard Co.”

Ben Gilley and Alan Petersen are on Pig Wheels.

Greg Lutzka was recently let go from Krooked.

BAM and the rest of the JACKASS crew were nominated for “Best Onscreen Team” in this year’s MTV Movie Awards.

Rasa Libre is the new Deluxe company starring Matt Field, Nate Jones, and Reese Forbes. Product should be hitting store in August.

Scott Kane is riding the Fury trucks. Maybe he’ll stay on them for a while.

Andrew Gordon is on Monkey Business.

Silver is the name of a new truck company enlisting Rob Dyrdek, Josh Kalis, Paul Rodriguez, and Ryan Gallant.

Expedition One would like to welcome ANTHONY CORREA as the newest pro on the team. Correa will be assisting in new designs for both hard goods and soft goods. Look for something different coming from Expedition One!

Looks like the only riders still on Zoo York are Zered Basset and Brian Brown. Some spring team cleaning took place recently.

Dave Duren is on DNA.

Chris Lambert rides Phantom trucks now.

Organika just released a board for Nilton Neves.

CHRISTIAN HOSOI will have pro model boards on the RED KROSS line of BLACK LABEL boards. As most of you know “HOLMES” was one of the greats of the 80′s. Christian will be free and shredding this January of 2004.

Diego Bucchieri is riding for Osiris.

Paul Rodriguez has a list of ten tricks that he will be trying to land within the next few months. Exactly which tricks are on this list, you might ask? Find out a long time from now, as they will be featured in the next éS video, tentatively titled éSchewed, due in Spring 2004

P.J. Ladd has been spotted around Boston’s famous Navy Yard ledges, where rumor has it that he pulled a half Cab flip crooks, 270 out.

Justin Eldridge is prepping himself for superstardom after his amazing appearance in the Yeah Right video. He and Marc Johnson are said to have the most favored parts in the Chocolate portion of the Girl video. So far his sponsor list reads Es, Chocolate, and Stussy.

Caswell Berry and Tony Manfre have been added to the Enjoi roster.

Jose Rojo took the less traveled path and will now be lacing his dogs up in some

Adio shoes.

Bobby Puleo has tapped into his inner dreadlock and gotten himself on I-Path shoes.

Gareth Stehr, Ben Gilley, Patrick Melcher, Lance Jr. are the team for the brand new DEKLINE footwear brand.

Toy Machine has tottally just completed their summer tour. The Berzerker tour was insane! All shops are reporting amazing turn outs and kickass demos. Despite one 18 hour drive the guys are workhorses! You can always count on the best demos from Toy Machine!


Ethan Fowler, Daniel Shimizu, Corey Duffel, and Leo Romero are all back from the most successful Europe tour ever entitled “THE FOUNDATIONS EUROPEAN VACATION!”

Jon Allie has been skating and filming constantly. You will most likely see some of his new footage in the Dying to Live DVD and the new C1rca video that he and Jamie are intended to share a part in.

DGK’s Lenny Rivas is officially on CIRCA shoes and C1 clothing so get ready to see alot of the young ripper.


The new Pharmacy video will be out in August. The line up includes Leo Romero, Bryan Herman, Matt Allen, Chase Erlich, and Tony Silva. VHS and DVD.

Gold Wheels is releasing a DVD of their first video that will include 50% new footage.

The world premiere for the DC video went off on June 19th. The video should start hitting stores around the end of July.

The new video from Transworld entitled “Free Your Mind is finally in stores. It features Rob Welsh, Dan Drehobl, and Darrell Stanton.

NORTHWEST the new video adventure from Buddy Nichols and Rick Charnowski has landed in stores.

This is Skateboarding from EMERICA will be hitting on DVD by the end of July.

Flip’s DVD won’t be any time soon, so stop holding your breath.

Closure from Dan Wolfe might be ready in August.

411 Productions proudly announces the release of Bam Margera’s first ever feature film, “Haggard in conjunction with SLAM films. The star of the CKY series, Jackass and Jackass the Movie, returns to the small screen as Executive Producer, Director, Co-Writer and Star of Haggard.