Black Box Open House

Black Box threw a little open house/BBQ last Thursday before the ASR Tradeshow started. After all the food was consumed, everyone went inside the warehouse to watch the Zero and Mystery guys rip the TF. There were guest appearances by Nate Sherwood, Jimmy Astleford, and Neal Mims. It was pretty impressive to see Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Ryan Bobier, Lindsey Robertson, Ryan Smith, Jon Allie, and Tommy Sandoval shred that place apart. Jon Allie rode an old Santa Cruz Tom Knox board the whole time—probably ten inches wide with an enormous square tail, a short, steep nose, and what looked like Slimeball wheels. That didn’t stop him from kickflip front boarding the rail first try, front blunting the hubba, perfect frontside flips up the Euro-gap, and a frontside flip disaster on the quarterpipe. Little flow kid Tony Cervante (I think that’s his name) was going bonkers with 360 Chris Air/Airwalks up the Euro, a heelflip body varial down it, huge backside stalefishes on the quarterpipe and was even throwing rodeos on it like it was a vert ramp.

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