Walk Wit Me Vol. 3XPN

All Photos And Words By Clyde Singleton

Upon being asked to leave my girls apartment for the third time, in one week. i figured it wasnt a good time to remind her, that i was to drive her car to the X-Games to “work”. See. Heres the problem. Usually when i go to “work”, it consists of the following: losing something important(camera, phone, housekeys, ID..), drinking myself into a walking coma, and somehow not coming home. Being that my girls 20x’s smarter than me, she figured this out within my first 2 “work related” trips. So i had to devise a “plan B”. i got to thinking, “how tha fokk can i see this SuperPark, and make this dough at the same time?” Remembering my man Dave Ashley(Dwindle TM), had given me his “10 Event, All Access” pass the night prior- i wat’nt trying to waste this shat at all. So, i grabbed my board and… well Walk Wit Me. This is pretty damn interesting i must say…

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good Jesus of Megatron. if thas not the biggest, baddest. rootin'est, tootin'est SuperRamp in ramptivity! hold on.. Gavin just knocked on some glass, and pointed me in the direction of the DVS box seats.. dayum! i just came up!