Walk Wit Me Vol. 4 (Part One)

Words and Photography by Clyde Singleton

My plan was to come to L.A., look for a new apartment, and all that good shyt. I pulled into LAX, around 10 p.m. on a Wednesday, and was quickly swooped into the hills of Mt. Olympus. By that Friday, I was on a RV with a Danny Kass, Dingo, the Grenade crew, Dave Gravette, Devin Appelo, Silent Mike, Mrs. February, and a film crew… oh yeah. I almost forget, ole Verny Boy. Anyhow. For the next month of my life, I’d not only go on to make new friends – but film a television show, skate new spots, fall down flights of stairs sober, and play NBA Live on PSP like it was going outta style. This is the first of my two-part series of my trip across America, with a crew of folks I’d like to now proudly call friends. Thanks to everyone involved, and a extra thanks to the fine folks at FujiFilm USA for supplying me with the camera to document it all.

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While Dave and Willis were plotting in the pet shop, Silent Mike decided it would be a good time to try to drink a gallon of milk, in one hour. He got about this far...