Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory Preview

And you thought Rob Dyrdek had it good. Dude’s got it even gooder: his new MTV show Fantasy Factory has been in production for a while now, and DC finally leaked some photos. The show revolves around the Fantasy warehouse in L.A. which is basically a Skate Plaza/basketball facility/toymaking/havoc-wreaking mash-up. Some new characters will also be in the mix, including his new bulldog puppy Beefy, an SUV called Stormtroopin’, and a 3-wheeled car called Hot Crap that’s supposedly faster than a Ferrari. There’s no official premiere date for the show, so keep checking its MySpace page. In the meantime, snatch your first glimpse of the Fantasy Factory below…

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Best. Photo. Ever.

And don’t forget about the teaser…

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