Bondi Bowl A Rama 2009

The biggest and best Bowl A Rama stop went off on Sydney, Australia’s Bondi Beach last Saturday. The day was peppered with rain, but positive thoughts prevailed and the pro and masters divisions got to play out. In the end, Bucky Lasek nudged out Omar Hassan for the pro victory and living legend Steve Caballero led the masters division. MC Dave Duncan has a great write-up at the World Cup site. Scroll down for full results.

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Photos: Blair Alley

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Jake bought an amazing souvenir.



1    Bucky Lasek            $10,000
2    Omar Hassan             $5,000
3    Nathan Beck              $3,000
4    Renton Millar             $2,000
5    Benji Galloway           $1,000
6    Bob Burnquist               $900
7    Juergen Horrwarth        $800
8    Tim Johnson                 $700
9    Jackson Pilz                  $600


1    Steve Caballero        $2,000
2    Nicky Guerrero         $1,100
3    Mike Mulhall              $700
4    Kevin Staab                $400
5    Pat Ngoho                 $300