The Finest Skateshop Spring Grom Results & Photos

Words & Photos by Tommy Zam

On April 18th 2009, The Finest Skateshop had its 2nd annual “Spring Grom” contest. There were 40 skaters signed up. People were coming on their boats to watch the contest. Rib City Grill came out to serve up some pork sandwiches for all the hungry people. Ramble was out there jamming out during the contest. There was a line of kids in front of the Red Bull car to get their energy.

Winners of 11–14:
1st – Shane Mullin
2nd – Max Lee
3rd – Christian

Winners of 15 & up:
1st – Jerral Slocumb
2nd – Ethan Jover
3rd – Cody Mizowek
Winner of Best Trick:

Shane Mullins, Kickflip over the rail