Gotta Touch ‘Em – Sayreville & Mischief (11/18/06)

YouTube Preview ImageOn the day of November 18, 2006, we all skated sayreville flats for the first time. Then some pigs rolled up and kicked us out, which drove us to cause destruction in toy stores and burn some deer heads. From Toys ‘R Us to K-Mart, we ruined everything… rolling around in big wheels, tailsliding the shelves with mini skateboards, skid marks on bikes, kicking balls at the ceiling and driving golf balls at Tober.

Starring: Hunter Baker, Jon Edwards, Brian Tober, Blake Mahon, Phil Clark, Dylan Hoffman, Sebastian Pedrick and Cody Benesta.
Filmed & Edited By: Jon Edwards

Song: Three 6 Mafia – Gotta Touch Em (Part 2) – Mystic Stylez (2005)

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