Clyde Singleton’s Walk With Me 5.0

Walk With Me 5.0
In this installment of Walk With Me, imma take yall on photgarphic journal of my last few days in my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.. out of all the places I’ve traveled- this is one of the most interesting places on Earth.. for the most part- the people are friendly. the food, is the best. and, furthermore- some of my best friends, and enitre family lives here.. take a walk with me, and lemme show you how I been gettin down, in the dirty.. jeah!—Clyde Singleton

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this is me, and my step-father Pastor Robert LeCount.. i dropped by the church on Fathers Day to give him my recent feature/cover story in the Florida Times Union, and also chop it up about some golf and whatnot.. great Father, and role model this guys been in my life. thanks Pops..

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