Walk Wit Me 6 by Clyde Singleton

In this installment of Walk Wit Me, im gonna give yall  brief look into my Summer activities and whas been goins ons here in the Dirty.. this has been my first time being home all Summer, since before i got on 101 back in the day. and, all in all- it was good times.. hanging with friends, family, and a splash of traveling- there was never a dull moment. thanks to all my friends who held it down with me this Summer. my girl Rach’, and the fine folks at TransWorld for allowing me to once again- take you on a brief ride in the life, and through the lens of what id call one of the best summers ive had in years.. lets go!!

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this is my good friend, and S.P.o.T owner- Brian Schaefer.. me and Brian go back.. i mean, to the days S.P.o.T was down the road from Mons Venus- back.. i was recently in ATL w/Schaefer, and the S.P.o.T boys hosting a Red bull contest and it was nothing short of good times.. cheers Schaefer. we gonna do it again, real soon..