Koston Nike SB Shoe Release Skate Jam

Nike SB cordially invited us out to the Koston 1 shoe release party and wear-test in downtown LA to check out the much-anticipated kicks in person and even skate ‘em with the Nike SB team. The weekend started out with a trip to the Nike Vault in the Staples Center to get schooled on the specs behind the signature shoe, as well as a press conference with Eric Koston–the Kobe Bryant of skateboarding–himself. We then packed into a tour bus and ventured over to the MOCA for the Art In The Streets exhibit to get a few quick lessons in art history. The highlight, though, was the next day, which was a full-on skate jam at Lincoln Park with Koston and the rest of the Nike SB squad. Good times!

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"Yo, let me get that for you, Thee-Thee."