TWS 10: Infamous Australians

Infamy might be read in a negative light, so let us be clear–in Shane’s case, his infamous flow was positive to the power of 10. Feeling skateboarding’s raw force like a Jedi, Shane’s shining personality and tie-dye aura made an eternal mark on our pastime. RIP.

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Shane’s Extremely Sorry part is bound to go down as one of the greats. RIP.

Honorary Red Dragon and longtime vert regulator, Jason Ellis has gone from manhandling varial kickflip Indys to becoming an undefeated mixed martial arts fighter, hosting his own radio show (The Jason Ellis Show) on Sirius XM, and landing his own TV show (EllisMania) on Fuel. Full contact indeed.

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Jason waxes on about a wild night he had, which is 100 percent wilder than any most people would encounter.

During the depths of small pants, little wheels, and slappy noseslides in a grocery store parking lot, Tas and Ben joined forces with Danny, Colin, Ellis and the rest to rekindle vert’s flickering candle and assure that Metallica and Slayer remained viable soundtrack choices for skateboarding. RIP Ben.

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