Bowl-A-Rama 2012 Photos

Photos and words: Mike O’Meally

2012 Bowlarama nearly didn’t happen—a couple nights before the final, some salty scallywags poured oil into the bowl, rendering the surface dangerously slippery. Fortunately it was cleaned up and given a fresh coat of paint, just in time for the big day. Stevie Caballero was celebrating 20 years of the Half Cab and earned a well deserved victory in the Master’s division. The traditional Love & Guts art show was well attended two nights prior and Nic Boserio took out the Australian Skater of the Year award at the Beach Road Hotel. All in all, a busy weekend for skateboarding in Sydney, Australia. Here are some highlights from the final hours of the competition. Enjoy.

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At 16, Pedro Barros is already shockingly powerful on a skateboard. He put a serious hurting on the bowl all weekend, and with a win the week before at the Manly Pro, he is on a serious mission to win all year. Massive lein crooked cop from side to side