Vans Texas Filming Mission Photos

In the middle of April, we joined up with the Vans squad for another of their filming missions for their upcoming video project. The location: Texas, Austin and Dallas to be precise. Despite being on the road for three odd weeks, the energy levels were high, and the motivation from all the riders was very strong. Between Daniel Lutheran, Kyle Walker, Gilbert Crockett, Chris Pfanner and Chima Ferguson, some raw skating was captured on video. Here a few behind the scenes moments and out takes from a week of warm weather, hi jinx and hardcore skateboarding.
Words and photos by Mike O’Meally

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On every Vans trip there is some kind of ball, the OG is Moey, this one was Joey until it ended up on a rooftop. Before his demise, Vans filmer and all around happy man, big Cody Green was laying bets for kicking accuracy. Looking pretty confident here…