Andrew Reynolds


    • Born in Lakeland, Florida in 1978. He first picked up a skateboard at the age of 9.
    • Influenced by Powell videos at the time, Andrew began to skate jump ramps as well as wall rides.
    • In 1995, Andrew turned pro for Birdhouse; a company founded by Tony Hawk, which featured top pros like Heath Kirchart, and Steve Berra.
    • In 1998, Andrew won Thrasher’s SOTY award. Subsequently one year later, he began Baker skateboards with friends Jay Strickland and Andrew Barglowski.
    • Since then, he has taken ownership in reputable companies such as Brigada Eyewear and part ownership in Bakerboys Distribution.
    • Andrew can be found in many video games, including the first 7 Tony Hawk video games as well as most recently Skate 3.
    • In 2010, Emerica came out with their latest feature, Stay Gold. The video features most of the Baker team including Andrew Reynolds who had last part.
    • In his spare time, Andrew plays music with his band, The G.O.A.T.


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