Asmith's Articles

Barge for Barrow-RIP Bryan Barrow
KC ripper and good homie Bryan Barrow passed away on Saturday March 14th. He was an...
Malto Board Release Party
In celebration of the new Sean Malto board, Kansas City threw a party.
2008 Volcom Damn Am Finals
David Loy beats out Cody Davis and Felipe Gustavo and lands himself in first place at the...
2008 Volcom Damn Am Qualifiers
Louie Lopez qualified first after 80 of skateboarding's top ams took to Volcom's outdoor...
2008 Vans Downtown Showdown: Foundation’s Lunar Eclipsey Hubba Photos
A kickflip foot plant, an inward heel, a...
2008 Vans Downtown Showdown: Creature’s Five Points Of Pure Evil Photos
Check out the chaos created by the pure...
2008 Vans Downtown Showdown: Black Label’s Dive Bar Photos
Zero's Jamie Tancowny was skating like a regular at...
2008 Vans Downtown Showdown: Girl’s Three Pump Dump Photos
Check the photos from Girl's Three Pump Dump, the first...
2008 Vans Downtown Showdown RESULTS
Who pumped and dumped the hardest?
The GvR Finals Game Of SKATE Showdown Slideshow
Figgy, Hendley, Langi, and Chris Cole game of SKATE slideshow.
2008 GvR Finals
Check out overall winner Chris Cole and the rest of the regulars take home the gold at GvR 2008.
2008 GvR Semi Finals
Check out the GvR semi final shredage.
Women Shred GvR
Check out the girls ripping in the women's final at GvR.
DTE LOC Demo-B-Que
Check out David Clark, Dan Plunkett and the rest of the DTE LOC crew ripping in Atlanta, Georgia.
Big Spin Boardslides With Mark Barnett
Get a little gnarlier on your flat bar with this trick.