JtRhoades's Articles

NS Krüe Presents The Hoodlife Video
Check out the 5 easy installments of skating and antics in the Hoodlife video.
DC in AZ
Check out all the street shredding that the DC dudes did in Arizona. Also click the link to watch the video.
Jeremy Peckham Longboard Slam and MAYHAM
This kid dents the crap out of this car with his ribs and gets back up to try...
All the Krüe members of oceaNSide have been heavily updating the site. There are tons of goods to check out...
CROSSROADS 2010 Day 1 Gallery
From Butts to Cutts and eveything inbetween, check out the photos from day 1 at Crossroads
Mouse grip has a New and Improved website ready to get the best grip in the west under your feet and...
Black Gold Wheels & shirts
So if you were confused at all when you heard Jon Allie is on Gold wheels, you were most...
Day In The Life Photos: Angel Ramirez & Abdias Rivera
Check out the photos from this Day in the Life with Abdias...
JT’s Crossroads Photos
Check out these photos from the crazy crossroads show
The LSDemoNS BB art show
The good ass homie BB is having another art show with his new artwork. He just got done...
Dirty Millionaire Promo
Check out this sick video teaser for the Dirty Millionaire clothing line
Fallen Stills and Sequences From The ZCT
Some serious bangers were getting thrown down in Minneapolis courtesy of Chris...
Brothers of noNSense art show
check out the photos from this ripping art show.
Toy Machine Stills And Sequences From The ZCT
Some nice stills and sequences of the Toy Machine team on the Zumiez Couch...
Brothers of noNSense
BB and Moüse are having an art show. Here is the flyer, go there and support KRÜE, oceaNSide, and...