Leonardo's Articles

footy tape friday
leonardo balderas deserves a footy tape friday just watch n see
rail n stair sess
me n my friends skating this 7 stair
switch heel
double set
rail n stair session
short video skating stair n rail
footy tape fridays
i been waiting for a while and i think a deserve to be part of transworlds footy tape friday
clip of the week
skating houston-baytown
footy tape fridays
i think i fanally deserve a footy tape friday
skate teaser
t.s.s. family
clip of the week
park funtage
skating a few different parks
friday tape footy
all my best clips
all in a day
all in a day 3 spots
firing line
switch heel body varial f/s nosegring 180
b/s flip
8 stair sess