Jose's Articles

50-50 6 stair
50-50 grind down a 6 stair
over the rail off the 6
olie over the rail off the 6 stair
wall kick
pop suv tail grab. wall kick late 180
over the rail
wall kick
pop suv. tail grb. wall kick 180
through the rail
kick flip over cone
rost beef over cone
on my way to the top
jose padilla aka sk8erjoeyp skateboarding the parks of san jose
sk8 then die
sk8erBoB in his first vid. sk8 then die sk8erBoB ripping up the streets & parks of san jose
sh** happens t.v
sk8erBoB riping up the parks & streets of san jose CA
roast beef
roast beef grab on the hump at mkee $ king skate park in san jose CAC
flip kick over wall
kick flip over 2.5 foot wall at mckee$ king skate park
b/s air
b/s air out the 1/4 pipe over the box and on the bank