Tapedeck With Corey Duffel Part 2
In Part 2, Corey reveals one of his most prized records, an Ice And The Iced EP, who...
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Tapedeck With Corey Duffel Part 1
Corey Duffel has certainly mined the overlooked corners of the punk, mod, and indie...
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Tapedeck With Mark Appleyard
With a new part dropping this June, the quest for yet another perfect song is underway.
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Tapedeck With Richie Jackson Presented by SOL REPUBLIC Pt 2
Did Richie single-handedly resurrect the 70s band Consortium...
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Tapedeck With Richie Jackson Presented By SOL REPUBLIC Pt 1
An in depth look at the importance of music in skate videos...
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Tapedeck With Keelan Dadd Presented By SOL REPUBLIC
You know everyone on DGK's got the ins with every rapper in the...
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Tapedeck With Erik Ellington Presented By SOL REPUBLIC
Ellington breaks down the process behind picking songs for his...
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