Tutor – 5/0 nosegrab
Tutor - 5/0 nosegrab, plaza edison, Ciudad de Panamá
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Chris Holt, Great Falls, Mont. Photo by Joshua Kodis
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Rat Bones and BLKHRT Black Heart
New Ratbones tattoo,,, rnrnrnblkhrt
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Almost Happened
Wanting to get super gnarly last weekend, me and a friend took a trip to Murfresboro, TN from my town...
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Surf\’s Up
I dont know what it is but churchs always have really sick rails...On skate trips to Nashville......
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The flying hand
By J.T. Kopczenskirn
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jim phillips screaming hand cover by carl goode goodcal on facebook
jim phillips contest entry
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John burns ollie
Me doing a plain old ollie
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My rendition of Jim Phillips Mouth with my Left hand...reupload didn\'t Tag it the 1st time.
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Kickflip Sewer gap
This is me doing a kickflip off a sewer gap,I think it looks pretty good.
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This is me doing a flatground indy grab, it actually makes me look good at skating even though they arent...
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Santa Cruz Screaming hand
This is my own rendition of the screaming hand graphic, not entirely flashy but with my own...
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Santa Cruz Screaming hand contest
This is My rendition of the screaming hand, not entirely flashy, but my own creative...
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Jim Phillips style
Read the March edition and say the Jim Phillip article and I loved what I saw and here I am now I...
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day of skating
skating around and some what the pebble push me off my board
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David Sepesy
Nollie first bump, first try at the Bro Bowl in Tampa, Florida
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