Here’s another batch of sequences that we didn’t have room for in the mag, the footage came out in videos, or some other reason. Read on.

Photos by Blair Alley


Here we have young Candian-Frechman Antoine Asselin. He was on this Hallelujah/Vegas trip with me, Chris Ray, and Pete Eldridge. He was part of Ryan Decenzo’s Canadian entourage that met us there. These Canadian boys always had some funny tale from the night before when we’d meet up at the first spot each morning that usually involved inebriation of some sort and the fact that they had just discovered Chat Roulette. Back tail 270 shove-it.


Truth be told, I have no recollection of how I ended up shooting this sequence of Spencer Hamilton—I don’t even know who that filmer is. Stoked my car has background props, though. This was in Spencer’s Madness part so it’s gotta see the light of day here. After we shot this, I ended up walking around this barrio with Spencer to get something to drink while someone else battled a trick. If you ever end up here, beware of the seafood-only roach caoch parked up the block. Guaranteed blowout.


Ol’ Dirty Smolik did this trick a while back. I was gonna save it for maybe an interview in the mag, but then in the Sk8mafia Am video he did it in a line! That steez never gets old.
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