Reuben Barrack, varial heelflip.

This is the first time I ever met Reuben—I don’t think I’ve seen him since either. He’s a cool kid with what appears to be a bright future. What makes this day memorable, as you’re probably wondering by now, is a girl that lived across the street came over with her camera and her dog to see if she could shoot photos too. I told her yes, and she proceeded to lay down next to me and her dog licked my arm as we both shot photos of Reuben. She later found me on Facebook and we went out on a date. Nothing interesting happened, but I thought it’s worth mentioning—you never know who you’re going to meet out there. The photo of Shuriken, I don’t know, super random that he had a mini boogie board in his trunk. That fool doesn’t go to the beach.


Oscar Jordan, noseslide to backside five-0.

This was during a big session at this school: Smolik, Brandon Turner, Gilbert Marin, Chad Vogt, Julian and Sean Sheffey, a bunch of Sk8mafia heads—Jake Brown was filming for the Laced promo. Juice said, “Hey Blair, shoot this!” and did this maneuver first try. It brought a smile to all our faces. OJ then went on to tell us about the most gangster homie video he’s working on Dago Disciples, and how it will have OJ’s Greatest Misses in it and he’s going to recreate his part from Tactical Manual—or something like that.


Larelle Gray, nollie crooked grind.

Larelle is like a true thug. He lives in Chula Vista, drives an Impala with big rims, and I don’t think he gives two shits about turning pro or getting a shoe deal. He also does gangster tricks like this without breaking a sweat.