Kellen James, half-Cab crooked grind revert.

Kellen gets so many God-damned tricks I forgot I even had this. Though his Gold Wheels & Sk8mafia marketing may suggest he is skateboarding’s Eazy-E, I’d like to think he could also be our Method Man.


Ryan Decenzo, nollie backside flip.

This is just one of the many tricks Ryan knocked out in Vegas on a very productive Hallelujah filming trip. You already know this kid is a beast, but when he re-did this nollie backside flip three times to get it just right, and with impressive pop as well, he made a fan out of us all. For him, it was nothing, and we were soon packing up and heading to the next spot for him to dismantle.


Chris Troy did this kickflip nearing the deadline of his Adio Moving Forward part. We had three gnarly sequences of him for the mag, and the kickflip crooks made the 9Frames in print. That bank is rough as shit, and Chris handled this in a tank-top with pretty distractions jogging by in scenic La Jolla, California.