Paul Rodriguez and Nike SB have been in NYC for the past week skating the city and handling some demos, all in conjunction with the release of his fourth Nike SB shoe and signature clothing line. We sat down with Paul to get the scoop on what’s up with the new shoe and also find out exactly what we can expect to see out of him in the next couple months, including a TransWorld interview and a Plan B video part. Watch the vid and check some photos below from the Paul Rodriguez IV shoe release party.


Dan Murphy flew in with Indy.


Daniel Lebron, the six-string master.


The new P-Rod, Nas inspired, offering on display inside.


Mad people were there.


All the SB homeys were in town. Theotis Beasley, Lewis Marnell, and Omar Salazar.


Then special guest Gucci Mane took the stage…


…Somewhere back there.