Active Am 2007

Sunday afternoon, November 11, plenty of kids came out to watch the best ams in the game battle it out for a winner take all 5 grand cash payout. The contest ran smoothly with skateboarding’s future ripping as hard and consistently as ever. Check the video and slideshow to the left, because words can’t do it justice! David Loy was the obvious favorite due to his winning last year and his undeniable consistency in comps. And he didn’t disappoint. He honestly ripped everything, and deservedly got third out of the 50 ams skating. Second place when to Austrian (home of the Governator, not Australia) ripper Chris Pfanner. I’ve seen this kid rip sh-t over in Europe a couple years ago, but people here were shocked when they saw this afro-domed killer ollieing twice as high as everyone else and kickflip grabbing like his work visa depended on it. Watch for him to blow up real soon, that’s what happens when you finally come to the states. And first place, my homie, Sk8mafia represent—Wes Kremer. Dude was super consistent, adapted to all the obstacles, and had the best style out there. The critical judging panel called it well—it really could have gone to any of the top three, but it was nice to see a skaters’ skater take the 5 Gs. Now if only Wes can keep his mind straight enough to spend it wisely…