Brain Floss: Shepard Fairey

What’s your favorite era in the broad spectrum, timeline of skateboarding?

I think you are always nostalgic for the era that shaped you, so I love ’80s skating. Street skating was new and fertile for rapid creative growth. The sport was still pretty outsider, so I liked being part of a rebellious tribe.

What concerns you about the future?

The environment. We need to take care of the planet. I’ve snapped a lot of skateboards made of trees over the years, so I’m not saying, “don’t use the planet’s resources,” but I’m talking about pushing for sustainable ways to use them. Global warming is curbed by skating instead of driving.

You’ve had issues with law enforcement and legal channels. Does that remind you of the more deviant, delinquent days of skateboarding?

My first arrest was for skateboarding, but I don’t count that in the 16 I have for street art.