Catching Up With Terell Robinson

Terell Robinson has been off the radar for a minute. He popped up earlier this year at the Tampa Pro contest and immediately piqued the interests of the judges. Everyone was stoked to see him, and even happier to know that he’s been skating this whole time. On a rainy afternoon recently, we got Terell on the phone to see where he’s been, why his main sponsorships ended, and who he’s skating with on the daily.

Photos by Herman Jimenez Words by Blair Alley five-o950


Where you at right now, you up in L.A.?

Yeah, I’m up in North Hollywood, NoHo.

Is it raining up there?

Yeah, it’s wet. We’re gonna go to Paul [Rodriguez]’s tonight and get some shredding done.

Have you been skating there a lot?

Yeah, well they’ve been rebuilding some stuff in there.

Who’s on the nightly sessions there?

Torey [Pudwill], me, Paul sometimes, Carlos [Zarazua], Hermie [Jimenez]. There’ll be a bunch of us in there chillin’ out, skating. We film some funny shit sometimes.

You guys gonna put that footage out on a Web site?

Hopefully, when we get it all shaped up and edited.

Have you been skating this whole time you’ve been out of the limelight?

Yeah, I’ve been under Mikemo’s wing. Staying at his house, going shredding with him and his brother—Mikey Taylor and all those cats up there in the Simi Valley scene.

Are there a lot of people staying at Mikemo’s house? Because weren’t Elijah Berle and David Loy staying there too?

Yeah, Mikemo and I just had that conversation. He was saying he never has time to just be by himself. He’s not complaining though. One batch leaves and another batch comes to stay. He loves it.

Is that Mikemo’s place with his parents, or does he have his own place?

He’s got his own legit house. It’s like a mansion, it’s so sick.

Is it up in the Valley?

Yeah, it’s up in Simi.

Damn, Valley dudes are just Valley for life, huh?

Yeah, take it to the grave son [laughs].

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