Catching Up With Terell Robinson

Do you like the Valley life?

Yeah, you know my hometown is Compton, but it’s better than hearing sirens every night you know?


Backside flip.

So how did all the sponsors fizzle out? Did you quit? Did they drop you?

Some dropped me, some I didn’t even get a phonecall back, and some you know, they couldn’t do anything for me because of the recession. I understood that part. I didn’t take it in a bad way. It was just something that had to go down. Hopefully I get blessed in the near future. It wasn’t nothing bad, it was just the recession.

You skated Tampa Pro this year, are you going to be skating more contests in 2011?

Yeah hopefully I get to go this year but I don’t really have anything backing me to go out there. If anything, I’ll just hustle my own money and shoot myself out there.

Do you have anybody giving you product right now?

Yeah, Lakai is hooking me up thanks to Mikemo, Birdhouse is hooking me up thanks to David Loy. I still get stuff from Destructo, FDK, I’m still doing all that stuff.

Have you been filming and shooting photos a lot? I saw a lot of photos from Herman.

Oh yeah, that’s why I’ve been going out with Mikemo and Vince a lot. I’m trying to put some footage out there.

How are you gonna put it out?

I just wanna stack up right now and then just throw it to the wall, whatever Vince wants to do with it. Shoot it out on

Is there any particular board company you’d want to ride for?

I love Birdhouse, but I love Deathwish. You know Ellington, Antwuan, Greco—I grew up looking at them. Well, Antwuan’s my age.

How old are you?


What else have you been doing when you’re not skating?

Taking care of my little one and hanging out with my friends, I have a little daughter, she’s fifteen months. That’s about it.

Your name comes up pretty often and people always wonder where you went.

That was another thing, rumors. There were rumors that I quit skating because I had a child, and that I completely quit skateboarding. That wasn’t the case. I almost lost a couple of family members, so I had to be with my family. I wasn’t filming as much, but I never stopped skateboarding.

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