Catching Up With Terell Robinson

The guys at Skatepark Of Tampa were stoked to see you at the contest, but they were surprised for sure.

They were super hyped. I saw all those cats down there. They looked like they saw Terell rise out of the grave or something, “I’m here!” [laughs].


360 flip.

Have you been experimenting with any crazy hairstyles lately?

Nah, I’ve been keeping it simple. I have a little baby ‘fro right now. I’m thinking about growing it back out, not as long as I used to have it, but something casual.

Didn’t you have some crazy fast crotch-rocket motorcycle?

Oh yeah, I had a R6. Somebody scared me with the truth. If you haven’t fallen, your time is coming. Once I heard that, I was like, I gotta keep skating. I’d rather have a Harley anyway.

Do you have your Mustang? Or was it a Camaro?

I had a Mustang, I got rid of it. I still have my Camaro. It’s in the making right now. It’s a ’97, the 30th anniversary. I still got my beast.

That’s all I got for you.

Well, I’m happy and psyched that you guys gave me this opportunity again.

Our pleasure.