Check Out: Sean Malto

Age: 16
Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas
Sponsors: Girl (flow), DC, Analog, Thunder, Spitfire, Bones Bearings, Escapist Skate Shop
Portable MP3 player of choice: iPod, fifteen gig.
Newest artist in said player: The Animals.
Favorite tranny skater: Dennis Busenitz.
Funniest movie: The Stoned Age.
Fashion don’t: Too many to choose from.
Hardest TM: Heath Brinkley.
Skater you want to see more of: Guy Mariano—his part in the Lakai video.
Shout outs: Bucky O’Connell, Ryan Lovell, Ben Clumsky.
Sean’s insane, he’s crazy, he’s got all the new tricks on lock. Anything you ask him to learn, he’ll get it down—nothing’s hard for that kid. He’s a little ripper from Kansas who grew up skating with his two brothers who ripped. I remember first seeing him like three or four years ago back in Kansas—he was real small. He’s the raddest sixteen year old you’ll ever meet. I always forget that he’s so young, because he’s so mature for his age. He’s a good friend, he’s got a great head on his shoulders, and he’s got the world coming to him.—Ernie Torres