Footy Tape Fridays: Chris Long

This could be controversial, a Footy Tape Friday with skatepark footy, but the reason we picked it is because there’s a lot of natural talent here, and that’s a lot of good footy to get in what looks like one day’s session. But it’s not up to us anyway. Let us know if you love it or hate it in the poll!

You want your footy tape to be seen on This is the place to do it. Register on the homepage and upload that sucker at the bottom in YOUR STUFF. Be sure to tag it Footy Tape Fridays. Each week we’ll pick a banger and post it up here.

I came to visit Chattanooga a few months ago, and we ended up at the skatepark. Chris asked me to film a mess around thing. I was down. RIP Chattown Skatepark. Homie shut it down!

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