Danny Way ‘Waiting For Lightning’ Exclusive Interview

Waiting For Lightning, the new documentary based all around Danny Way’s insane life on and off his board, screened to a packed house in LA last week. Fresh off a filming mission in Hawaii to once again redefine the concept of “Mega,” we caught up with quite possibly the gnarliest skater alive on the background of the film, as well as how he goes about pushing the limits of what’s truly possible on a skateboard. And from the sound of it, it seems like he’s not willing to stop until he straight up self-destructs—which, to be honest, would’ve happened to any other human years ago.

 Words by Kevin Duffel

How’d the Waiting For Lightning documentary come to be?

To be honest with you, I’m always trying to come up with creative ways to get financial resources to experiment with building new structures to skateboard on. So that was my main motivation for when I originally got inspired to do this, but I felt like also there’s a lot of history and heritage in the stuff we’ve done together—DC and myself—and it would be nice to showcase some of that stuff. I think a lot of people who are involved with skateboarding today don’t know the gist of some of the stuff that’s gone down. So it’s also cool to retrospect some of those things—to refresh people’s minds. But at the same time, we’re also doing something new to continue with what people’s expectations are of me and what I do on my skateboard.

The film really focuses on your internal struggles. Why focus on that rather than just your skateboarding?

I have a fan base that has been observing my skate accomplishments my whole career. So I think the idea with this movie was just to transcend beyond skateboarding and to reach a bigger audience. My story has some unique twists in it that a lot of general people who don’t understand skateboarding can still relate to. So I think the goal with this film was to not make a traditional skate video—it’s too obvious and expected. It’s just that skateboarding happens to be the foundation that stabilizes myself through all of the other things that are happening.