Danny Way ‘Waiting For Lightning’ Exclusive Interview

Even talking about progression, what’s the idea behind this whole new stunt you’ve been working on in Hawaii?

Well, I wouldn’t call it a stunt at all. I don’t consider the things I’m doing stunts, ever. Because I think they’re way too calculated for that kind of mentality. But this ramp I’m building is a permanent fixture. I’m trying to reinvent the whole “Mega” concept. There’s a certain perspective of Mega Ramp skating. I think people see it as the evolution of vert skating, and I don’t necessarily think that’s the case.

So how long has this ramp been an idea of yours for? Has it been in your head for a while?

I have so many concepts in my head. That’s the hardest thing is which one I pick and experiment with, and take the financial resources and pour them into what. So this ramp is a new design. And I think what I have to work with, and with how much I want to take risk with the situation I have, I think I came up with a pretty amazing idea that accommodates a lot, so I think that this will definitely be something that everyone sees as a great evolution of the Mega stuff. I’m trying to build my own facility like Bob [Burnquist] has got basically—but in all these different designs. I’m not trying to bite Bob’s whole kit situation at all. But I definitely want my own grounds to have a facility where I can do what I need to do to get my job done. With what I have going on here, I see a constant progression going here. As long as I keep trying to build onto this thing, I think I can build a pretty amazing facility that people will be blown away by, that’s for sure.


Where’d the original idea for the Mega Ramp come from, and do people look at you like your crazy when you tell them what you want to build?

I hear that shit all the time. But again, I’m not looking at myself being a stuntman. I feel it’s all fairly calculated. So I don’t necessarily think I’m crazy, but I can definitely see how people would perceive some of these things as out of the box and different. And I think no doubt that people will be intimidated by this monster, for sure.


So if you could leave one mark on skateboarding, what would it be? What are you trying to accomplish through all this?

If I could leave one mark on skating, it would hopefully be to keep the door open for other people that just have a straight passion for skateboarding at the highest level. I feel sorry for some of these guys that are so good at skateboarding and there’s only so much opportunity to go around. There’s a lot of guys that get opportunity that might not be as technically talented as one guy, but you know, has better relationships or images or whatever. So anyway, if there’s one thing that I could leave, I just hope that the kid who skateboards and doesn’t think they have any shot at succeeding because they might not have that certain image or look or gimmick—skateboarding is all that matters. If you just let that speak, then all else will follow. So that’s always my message. Let the skateboarding do the talking. Focus on that and all else will follow.


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