éS Game of SKATE Denver, Colorado

After a grand ol’ time skating and hanging out in Salt Lake City, the éS Game of SKATE crew headed to Denver, Colorado where the friendly people at Emage found us a smooth basketball court downtown for the event. The weather wasn’t looking so promising early on while there was a downpour for about 20 minutes, but the sun came out and the 89 skaters began playing SKATE.

Many familiar faces came out including Julien Christiansen, Ike McVicker from Oklahoma and even David Reyes. So many different kids were skating really well and it was looking like anyone could win.

Plenty of insane matchups came and went eliminating some solid skaters like Nyle Fredrickson, Josh Murphy and Joey Ripplinger. Cody Schulz, Julien Christiansen and Tyler Phillips ended up in the finals after 5 grueling rounds.

It was Julien Christiansen that won first place taking out Tyler Philips with a nollie inward heel revert. Cody took 3rd place and Tyler took 2nd. Congratulations to Julien and we’ll be seeing him in California this fall. Special thanks goes out to everyone at Emage!

Words by PJB
Photos by Phil Blair

éS Game of SKATE in Denver, CO.
Winner: Julian Christianson