éS Game of SKATE Eugene, Oregon

The second stop in Oregon for the éS Game of SKATE was held at Tactics in Eugene, Oregon on June 19, 2009. Nearly 70 people came out to play SKATE and enjoy some food courtesy of the fine folks at Tactics. Also in attendance were the awesome folks from Skaters for Eugene Skateparks. The éS Game of SKATE was being held at the Washington and Jefferson “spot” that is the future home of Eugene’s newest skatepark and SES was out there to raise awareness, and some money, for the new park.

Skaters came out from all over Oregon, including a car load of kids that heard we were in their hometown of Medford on our way to hosting games of SKATE in Hood River and Eugene. The level of skating throughout the day was as good as we’ve seen with dozens of matchups being real crowd-pleasers. One in particular was Zach Bird against Kyle Billups in the semi-finals. Clean style and impossible tricks were displayed by the two of them, but it was Kyle Billups who came out on top.

After surviving 5 rounds, Bryan Zash, Kyle Billups, Bobby Groves and Jacob Seaton found themselves with well-deserved spots in the finals.

In the end, it was Bobby Groves who, after losing in Hood River, made the trek to Eugene and took first place. Bobby’s switch laser flip was the final dagger in a game he controlled with tricks like switch bigspin heelflip and nollie backside 360 heel. Congratulations to Bobby Groves and special thanks to Skullcandy, éS Footwear, TransWorld SKATEboarding and Eric Purdy at Tactics for making it happen!

éS Game of SKATE in Eugene, OR.
winner: Bobby Groves.