éS Game of SKATE—Frederick, Maryland

Game Report: éS Game of SKATE — Frederick, MD, August 1, 2009

éS Game of SKATE in Frederick, MD.

Winner: Spencer Brown.

On August 1, 2009 the éS Game of SKATE made its way to Pitcrew in Frederick, Maryland. We’re always pleased to go to Pitcrew especially since everyone from the shop is so rad. They even helped beat the heat with some cold refreshments for everyone.

The game was held next to the skatepark in the ice skating rink where the ground was perfect. 356 skaters came out to play SKATE making it by far the biggest game in Frederick and the 2nd largest éS Game of SKATE ever.

Familiar faces were in the crowd including Dontae Benjamin, Allen Beers, Will Stackus and Mark Williams. Past winners such as Spencer Brown, Freddy Obrecht and Matt Ray were in the mix as well so the skating was top-notch.

After about 4 hours of flatground madness, we had our finalists: Jimmy Loebach, Spencer Brown and Joe Fitzpatrick. Joe took 3rd place and Spencer Brown ended up eliminating Jimmy with a nollie double heelflip and winning for the 3rd year in a row!

Congratulations to Spencer Brown once again and a big thanks to Pitcrew for an incredible game!

Words by PJB
Photos by Phil Blair