éS Game of SKATE—New York City

Game Report: éS Game of SKATE — New York City, July 30, 2009

éS Game of SKATE in Manhattan, NY.

Winner: George Cayea
On Tuesday, July 28, we had our permit to do a Game of SKATE at the skatepark under the Manhattan Bridge in New York City, but apparently the sound included in our permit wasn’t good enough for the cops. We were told that we also needed a separate sound permit, so we got shut down and had to reschedule. I’d like to give a big no thanks to the cops in Chinatown and I’m sure that all 400 kids that signed up to play SKATE would say the same.

Right away Billy Rohan was eager to help and got us permission to hold the Game of SKATE 2 days later on Thursday, July 30 at 12th & A where 213 kids showed up to skate. The éS team was in attendance as well, hanging out and skating.

After 6 rounds, we went from 200 skaters to 3: Shane McGraine, Dwayne Almonte and George Cayea. George was landing underflips all day long, so it was no surprise when a letter was given to each skater with that trick.

After an intense game, Dwaynne Almonte took 3rd place and Shane McGraine was eliminated by George Cayea with a switch backside flip. Congratulations to George Cayea and thanks to KCDC and Billy Rohan for making the game possible!