éS Game of SKATE Seattle, Washington

éS Game of SKATE, Seattle, WA – June 20, 2009

After we left Oregon, our next stop on the éS Game of SKATE tour was Sno Con in Seattle, WA on June 20, 2009. The game was held in a warehouse with perfectly smooth ground across the street from the shop. Over 50 skaters were in attendance enjoying the Saturday and playing SKATE.

The Game of SKATE crew was working on our third game in as many days and we were all running on very little sleep, energy drinks and the desire to get one of the most grueling legs of the entire tour over with. Luckily, the skaters of Seattle did not disappoint us and plenty of match-ups throughout the day were good enough to keep us energized and get us through the day amped up on yet another awesome flat-ground scene.

The winner of the Marginal Way game held a week earlier, Kenny Anderson (not to be confused with the Chocolate pro Kenny Anderson) found himself a spot in the finals joining James Starlin and Paljum Tshering. Both James and Paljum are previous éS Game of SKATE finalists. With three heavy hitters all in it to win it, we knew we were in for a great finals.

James Starlin gave Paljum an ‘S’ right out of the gate with a nollie heel. James Starlin exited on a Paljum Tshering switch inward heel revert and at that point the score was Paljum with an ‘A’ and Kenny anderson holding a slight edge, at ‘K’. There was a barrage of tricks between Paljum and Kenny before Paljum finally gave Kenny an ‘E’ with a cab big spin flip.

Congratulations to Paljum Tshering and special thanks to Skull Candy, éS Footwear, TransWorld SKATEboarding and Sno Con for bringing us to Seattle! Enjoy your Go Skateboarding Day (Father’s Day as well)!

éS Game of SKATE in Seattle, WA.
Winner: Paljum Tshering.