Guest Reviewer Of The Month: Chad Tim Tim

The Stills
Oceans Will Rise
Arts & Crafts

You know that feeling of excitement when you’re introduced to new music? Maybe a friend recommends an album or you read a good review? Well, I felt that way when I got the chance to give my opinion of The Stills. After giving this album a couple of tries or “chances,” I was really let down. I’ve heard good things from this band in the past, but it just wasn’t the sound that makes me move or gets those thoughts a flowin’. Their sound is like your typical indie band: catchy tunes, catchy rhythms, lots of emo ballads, but the singer’s voice feels unoriginal and changes from song to song. It would be easy to compare them to many other artists and to hear many of their possible influences throughout the album. However, this could be why a lot of listeners are backing these guys. If you have the chance, give it a go, it’s worth a listen.—Chad Tim Tim

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