Kenny Anderson Converse Shoe Commercial Preview

With the release of Kenny Anderson’s new shoe on Converse (more on that to come soon), Kenny had an idea: recreate the intro from his 2002 part in One Step Beyond. Well… kinda. Instead of filming a nose manny from his hometown of Vegas all the way to his current home in Redlands, California like he did almost ten years ago, Kenny wanted to reverse it and nose manny back to Vegas again. But this time with all his friends and family that’ve been apart of his skating career along for the ride. Kenny was one of the original team riders on the first Converse skate team, so this was his way of signifying, in more ways than one, his return home. Converse set up production for a multiple-day shoot that began in Redlands, made its way through Long Beach and LA, rolled through the desert and Nevada salt flats and finally finished off in Vegas at Kenny’s original house he grew up in. The commercial should be dropping any day now. Look out for some familiar faces, and some not so familiar, but that you should still be able to recognize. Here’s to one of skateboarding’s best nose mannys in the game.

We’ve got some Behind The Scenes photos from the shoot and make sure you watch the intro to Kenny’s One Step Beyond part if you haven’t already seen it, so this’ll all make sense.