Maloof Money Cup DC Day 1 Photos: Heath Kirchart Comeback?

Today was the qualifier and semifinals in the DC humid heat. Bobby Worrest put it down for his city ripping the park all day with the crowd chanting his name. The biggest surprise was Heath Kirchart entering in the wildcard position. He was riding a Baker board, but turned out it was just Andrew Reynolds’ back up set up. He broke it on a first try back lip on the big rail and that was it. Comeback? We’ll see. The Boss himself qualified first. Check all the other ripping in the slideshow. Results below. Tomorrow’s head-to-head brackets are here. Enter SPoT’s betting pool here.

1. Andrew Reynolds

2. Greg Lutzka

3. Ronnie Creager

4. Bobby Worrest

5. Manny Santiago

6. Collin Provost

7. Bastien Salabanzi

8. Ryan Decenzo

9. Jack Curtin

10. Figgy

11. Tom Asta

12. Vincent Alvarez