Maloof Money Cup 2010 Day 2 Blog


Mic-E Reyes, Podium Erica, Chris Haslam, Darrell Stanton, and Nick Trapasso look on.


He wasn’t able to do this in the heat, but right afterward, Koston did this footplant, which I will call a judo footplant, because I did not have a sufficient amount of time skating in the era that invented a lot of the footplant and handplant tricks. Is that correct? If not, chime in below. Thanks.


Lizard was so excited that he came out and sat on the wave to cheer Koston, Pudwill and Sierra on. He had to sit out because he hurt his ankle 180ing off the deck of the vert ramp into the Mini Mega landing roll-in. Yeow!




My girlfriend once saw Dylan when we were at some industry event and went, “Wow, he’s really good looking.” I’m not worried, but God damn if I can’t admit she’s right.


Check the flick on Trujillo’s frontside flip on the up-down hubba. Looks like his left foot’s about to fling off his leg.


Alex Olson. Backside nosegrind. Can’t remember if he landed this.


This is a kickflip frontside lipslide on the big rail. No f–kin’ joke. What the hell has skateboarding come to when that’s a stock trick. It’s admirable, but depressing to all of us who suck. It’s not Billy Mark’s fault he’s so good, though. I can’t blame him. It’s just shocking how good people are.


Dylan Rieder. Frontside flip over the rail


Stefan and Dylan were the only two in their heat with Lizard out injured. But, they killed it. It was a two man DNA distribution (Habitat and Alien) show. Stefan switch kickflip 50-50’d the hubba.


Someone brought this 100,000 body pillow as a joke. Lizard gets in  on it.


Bastian Salabanzi was there killing the course. Switch crooks.


I caught this poor guy at the end. A whole crowd of people were having a good time pasting stickers all over his back and head. Genius. In any case, look for more from the second half of the Maloof Money Cup Prelims. Thanks.