Maloof Money Cup DC Pro & Am Finals Photos

Ishod Wair won another Maloof am contest. He’s got a round trip ticket to Maloof South Africa in the bag. He probably could’ve come close to winning the pro contest too, he’s that good. The pros went head-to-head single elimination style. The final face-off was between veterans Andrew Reynolds and Ronnie Creager. Both were ripping all day, but The Boss put it down until the very last second icing it with a kickflip frontside lipslide on the gold rail as time ran out. He got $160,000 and a ticket to South Africa and Ronnie got $40,000. Not bad for a weekend of skating. Full results below the photos.

Photos by Blair Alley

1. Andrew Reynolds
2. Ronnie Creager
3. Bastien Salabanzi
4. Manny Santiago
5. Jack Curtin
6. Greg Lutzka
7. Bobby Worrest
8. Tom Asta
9. Figgy
10. Vincent Alvarez
11. Ryan Decenzo
12. Collin Provost