Maloof Money Cup NYC 2011 Finals Photos

Congrats to Greg Lutzka for taking home 160,000 dollars today, the largest contest prize out there right now. The finals were a head-to-head bracket style format. Have a look at the breakdown here. The rounds were four-minute jams, so if you look at the route Busenitz took, he had to skate 16 minutes of jams in the end, and he was still pulling off amazing tricks in the final round against Lutzka. Ultimately, Lutzka’s consistency and bag of gnarly tricks earned him the win. Dennis went home with a not-too-shabby 40 grand. Ryan Decenzo got third and Figgy ripped his way to fourth. The round 3 match up between Busenitz and Figgy might have been the highlight of the day. Have a look at some photos, the video will be posted shortly. We’ll post animated sequences later this week. Shout out to Evan Smith for winning the Am contest this morning. Full results here.