Mouthing Off: Jimmy McDonald

Switch frontside boardslide pop over. Photo: Taketomo


It seems like 5Boro has had a big push in the last year or so. You guys have put out really good online videos. Have you seen that help the brand a lot?

Yeah, over the last year we’ve been doing a lot of stuff. Mark Nardelli quit his full-time job and is just doing 5Boro full-time so that’s been helping out a lot. We had Chris Mulhern working with us. He made the Fall and Holiday clips that were HD. Those were sick, he worked really hard and people liked them. We’ve been just trying to put out as much shit as we can, and I think it’s helped, yeah.

Is Dan Pensyl the longest running 5Boro dude?

Yeah, he’s been on since day one, a little more than fifteen years.

That’s amazing. Does someone like Dan inspire you? He’s been gnarly for so long, but he also works these blue-collar jobs in the winter as well as being a pro this whole time.

He’s definitely an inspiration. Now he has a kid and he’s working full-time in Pennsylvania, and he still has his place in the city. He still comes back and skates. He’s been sober for two years, he’s in his early thirties and skating better than ever. It’s definitely motivating to have a friend like that.

Who’s gonna have the best part in the video? Whose parts are you looking forward to the most?

Everybody’s part is pretty sick, but Willy Akers and Joe Tookmanian both have super awesome parts. Took has been skating so good in the last year and a half, pushing it real hard, Akers too. They both have their own style and unique ways.

The last thing is I have a trivia question for you: Who was the originator of that Join Or Die snake logo?

Ben Franklin. It was like the thirteen colonies, but it was the early stages of it.

That’s right. Nice.